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You take care of your patients, we take care of your payments!

Affinity assists with:

  • Patient Billing
     Is the timing from point of service to submitted charge meeting your specialty standard?
  • Coding and Coding Challenges
    Have you audited your code sets for appropriateness or rejection rates?
  • Billing Backlog
    Do you know how many claims are typically sitting in your “pending” files?
  • RAC Audits
    Is the time it takes to answer Recovery Audit Contractor's correspondence overwhelming your staff?
  • Affordable Care Act Challenges
     Are you having trouble deciphering the new guidelines with the Health Insurance Exchange insurance plans?
  • Aged Accounts Receivable turn-around times
     Do you know your average days in Aged A/R? Have you seen a spike due to industry changes?

You’ll make more money, faster,
with Affinity Professional Systems.

Take your coding and billing challenges off site, so you can concentrate on patient care.

Practitioners  are working harder and harder while overhead costs go up and up!

We can take your revenue cycle management to the next level by offering an experienced staff that focuses on correct billing, coding and reimbursement.

Your reimbursement can go down if:

  • The charge isn’t coded correctly
  • The wrong ICD-9 code is applied
  • Modifiers are missing or used incorrectly

We don’t do it right because we’re the best.  We’re the best because we do it right the first time!